It's called the Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated May 23, 2017
papa john's burger pizza
Credit: Courtesy of Papa John's International, Inc.

Pizza is already near perfect, but recently Papa John’s realized that there is some room for improvement: Their new pie, called the Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza, combines two of America’s favorite foods in delicious fashion.

The new pizza, announced yesterday, stays very true to it’s premise: It’s topped Roma tomatoes, beef, bacon, mozzarella, Wisconsin cheddar, a “zesty burger sauce” – and yes, even slices of dill pickles, to remind you of biting into a juicy burger.

Pickles on a pizza? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did it, so it must be delicious.

The news comes just after an annual poll on America’s favorite food brands revealed that Papa John’s had unseated Pizza Hut as Pizza Chain Brand of the Year. While their new pie might seem sligtly unhealthy, back in April of this year, the chain pledged to begin integrating organic vegetable toppings and other gluten-free ingredients into their pizza.

This is certainly not the first time that pizza has paired up with burgers to create a mega-meal: Back in 2010, Burger Kind released a “pizza burger,” while just last year Domino’s released a burger pizza, only available in India unfortunately.

Papa John’s will also offer Bacon Cheddarsticks to go along with it’s namesake pizza, as though you needed another reason to try this artery-clogging combo. But if you are eager to get your hands one of these pies, you had better hurry: The Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza will only be on the menu until June 25.