It joins Pizza Hut, which began beer delivery in December of last year.
Credit: boggy22/Getty Images

In recent years, the battle for diners’ dollars has increasingly switched to delivery: More customers continue to see delivery not just as a convenience but a necessity, and major restaurant brand know they have to get on board or risk losing business. Pizza chains have likely been especially hurt by this competition because, back before online ordering took over, pizza was one of the few cuisines that consistently delivered. As a result, large pizza chains have apparently been looking for ways to up their delivery game, and alcohol would seem like a likely prospect.

America’s third-largest pizza chain, Papa John’s, announced today that the company would be testing beer delivery on an extremely limited basis exclusively in Jeffersonville, Indiana, according to VinePair. The Midwestern city was apparently selected because it was home to the very first Papa John’s location which launched back in 1984, and fittingly, back then, they used to offer beer delivery as well. Along those lines, this new beer delivery test will have a similarly old-school feel; the selection won’t be anything fancy—just six-packs of 16-ounce cans of five mainstream brands: Miller Lite, Coors Light, Coors Banquet, Dos Equis, and Yuengling.

In December of last year, Pizza Hut led the way with alcohol delivery, launching on-demand beer and wine in parts of Arizona. From there, the brand is expanding the service into California and is anticipating testing beer delivery in about 100 locations by next month.

As for the remaining pizza chain among America’s big three, Domino’s apparently doesn’t have any plans to deliver beer yet. Of course, Pizza Hut already sold alcohol in nearly a quarter of its locations, making delivering beer and wine easier to execute. However, Domino’s could potentially take the TGI Friday’s route: This past December, the casual dining chain announced it has partnered with a delivery service that grabs alcohol from a third-party seller before dropping off your food.

Meanwhile, the biggest pizza chains aren’t the only ones trying to lure delivery customers with alcohol. Last summer, BJ’s Restaurants and Brewhouse began delivering their craft beer, and earlier this month, the brand announced a special program that pairs orders with one of five bottles of wine for just $10.