Take a dip in a "Swim-Soup" this summer with your bread bowl pool float.

Last week, when the Pacific Northwest was sweating its way through a historic heatwave that caused restaurants throughout Washington and Oregon to close, the owners of the Hummus Café in Seattle tried to stay open. Owner Naney Konswa told KIRO that no one was ordering soup or "anything hot."

But according to a survey from Panera Bread, it might take record-setting temperatures to keep the average customer away from a bowl of soup. More than 70 percent of the people they surveyed said that hot weather didn't stop them from eating soup — and that's partially why Panera has launched a limited-edition collection of soup-themed swimwear. No, seriously.

panera swim collection
Credit: Panera

The Swim-Soup Collection features four swimwear styles — two one-piece bathing suits and two pairs of swim trunks — that pay homage to your fave Panera menu items. There's a green one-piece (in the same shade that you see on their menus and signage) that gets straight to the point with the word "SOUP" printed across it in letters big enough to make even the most near-sighted pool-goers notice. A complementary set of swim trunks feature Panera's "Mother Bread" logo, which is a reference to the 30-year-old sourdough starter that it uses in every loaf of sourdough.

panera soup swimsuit
panera bread bowl float
Left: Credit: Panera
Right: Credit: Panera

A Broc Ched one-piece and the matching Broc-Ched swim trunks round out the collection, and both of them have the same all-over cheddar-topped broccoli print. Finally, there's an inflatable pool float that looks just like one of Panera's bread bowls — and floating peacefully in that is probably the closest you'll get to knowing how it feels to be a serving of Summer Corn Chowder.

panera broccoli cheddar swim trunks
broccoli cheddar swimsuit
Left: Credit: Panera
Right: Credit: Panera

The Panera Swim Soup collection is available for a limited time through the Swim Soups website. The one-piece swimsuits and the swimming trunks are all priced at $25 each, and the Bread Bowl Pool Float is $20. Shipping is free, which means you'll have a couple of extra bucks to order a bowl of hot soup, uh, on the way to the beach. Just remember to wait 45 minutes after eating it — that's still a thing, right?