Panera hints that just about everyone might be eligible for this bagel deal.

Panera Bagels
Credit: Courtesy of Panera Bread

Interested in sorting out your breakfast plans until 2019? Panera Bread has introduced a new offer that can land you a free bagel every single day for the rest of the year — and scoring the deal is extremely easy.

Panera has announced that from now until December 31, anyone who signs up for the MyPanera Rewards program will have a free bagel added into their account every single day until the New Year. And not just a plain bagel; any of Panera's approximately dozen varieties are included in the offer. As expected, a few catches apply — but nothing too out of the ordinary. First, the offer can only be redeemed in-store at café locations: Online and kiosk orders don't apply. Second, the offer excludes cream cheese and other spreads — but that's a situation that can be easily resolved by paying for the add-on… or if you're not averse to eating a bagel plain, doesn't need to be resolved at all.

Finally, as is often the case with these kinds of sign-up deals, the offer is supposedly for new members only — which can always be frustrating for loyal customers wondering why they're not getting an equivalent deal despite their repeat business. For the record, the whole point of a rewards program is that you get deals for your repeat business, so that complaint kind of misses the point, but in this case, Panera apparently understands your pain. "We surprise and delight our current MyPanera members all the time," the brand said. "Free daily bagels through the end of the year is also a reward we like to give current MyPanera members. Current members can check their online account to see if there is a surprise placed on it!"

So there you go: It's very coy, but if you're already signed up for MyPanera, you may get free bagels anyway. And either way, if you take advantage of this offer, as an added bonus, you already have a New Year's resolution taken care of for you… Take a break from bagels!