Panera Is Giving Away Baguette Diamond Rings in Bread Bowl Boxes

If the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day don't get you a ring, Panera is giving you a second chance.

Panera Baguette Cut Diamond Rings
Photo: Courtesy of Panera

Two of the most marketed events of the year are the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day — and this year, they are just one day apart. The folks at Panera decided to consolidate by coming up with one promotion that covers both things.

What do the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day have in common? If you win the big game or get engaged on the 14th, you'll get a ring — so Panera took that idea and ran with it. And since the chain is Panera Bread, they went with the breadiest idea they could think of: a baguette diamond ring in a bread bowl-inspired ring box.

Panera Baguette Cut Diamond Rings
Courtesy of Panera

Starting on February 14, Panera says social media users can enter for a chance to be one of 22 winners who will receive a lab-grown "sparkling, baguette-cut ring complemented by glistening, smaller stones packaged in a customized ring box inspired by Panera's beloved Bread Bowl" along with a year of free coffee through the chain's Unlimited Sip Club coffee subscription service. For people who are more bread-eating experts than diamond-cutting experts, "baguette" diamonds feature a long, slim cut, not that dissimilar from the shape of the French bread.

To enter, social media users have to share "a photograph of you enjoying your favorite Panera Bread cafe or Panera Bread At-Home products" on either Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #PaneraDate and #Sweepstakes.

"For those waking up feeling defeated, nothing perks you up better than unlimited coffee and a delicious baguette — and we're leveling that up this year," Drayton Martin, Panera's VP of brand building, stated. "This time of year can be filled with ups and downs and wins and losses — but Panera is always there to help fill your cup. The beautiful baguette-cut ring is an ode to our artisanal bread, which paired with our Unlimited Sip Club is sure to make our guests' day shine a little brighter."

The idea is that if both the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day leave you "ringless," then Panera is here to fix it for you. But to be fair, fans have a 50-50 chance of being on the winning side of the Super Bowl and, if you play your cards right, the chance of Valentine's success could be even higher. With a Panera ring and free coffee, however, only 22 people will win out of who knows how many entries.

We guess you'll just have to figure out which of those three odds are worth it for yourself.

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