Is this the ultimate drunk food mash-up?

By Joey Skladany
Updated April 17, 2019
Credit: © Panda Express + Tea Bar

Panda Express has decided to capitalize on its loose definition of what passes as Chinese food by introducing the orange chicken burrito. And by the looks and sounds of videos and Instagram posts, we're not completely hating the idea of it.

Featuring a thin scallion pancake (in place of a tortilla) with a noodle or rice base (chow mein, fried rice, white rice, or brown rice), the burrito can then be customized with various sauces and assorted vegetables like shallots and pickled cucumbers. If the chain's signature orange chicken isn't your thing, you can substitute it for honey walnut shrimp, kung pao chicken or Beijing beef. (Or frankly, you can just go somewhere else, because orange chicken is probably the only reason why you should go to Panda Express in the first place.)

This isn't Panda Express's first headline-making decision in the last year. The national chain introduced the chopstick and fork hybrid "chork" in August 2016 (much to the dismay of anyone Asian, we're sure), as well as the permanent addition of General Tso's chicken on its menu. They've also developed a "Wok Smart" line that offers healthier alternatives with more protein and less calories.

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But does this latest burrito creation wok the wok? Unfortunately for most of us, the special is currently limited to stores in the Los Angeles area. It's assumed that the dish's popularity will determine if it's rolled out countrywide, so Californians: please engage in your civic duty to purchase one of these concoctions and report back to us. It's the American thing to do. And frankly, we're getting a little bored with our latest Chipotle offerings. The addition of chorizo can only be so exciting.