By Mike Pomranz
Updated March 22, 2016
© Jeff Mindell

Though painting Easter eggs is supposed to be a fun holiday activity, it’s not always as exciting as it’s cracked up to be. Oh, we’re going to use pastels? No one’s ever done that before.

So this year, instead of sticking to your typical silly pattern made of pink, yellow and sky blue, why not try turning those eggs into something even more delicious: little hamburgers. That’s the plan from the site Studio DIY that is once again providing instructions on how to transform your painted eggs into other food items. A couple years ago, they demonstrated how to make pineapple Easter eggs and ice cream cone Easter eggs. Now they’re back with something a bit more savory.

© Jeff Mindell

Turning your eggs into tiny burgers is relatively simple. Start with brown eggs that already have the color of a bun. From there, some marker work, a bit of yellow paper for cheese and a ring of green streamers for lettuce complete the project.

Okay, sure, hamburgers aren’t really a traditional Easter food. In fact, it might be something you gave up for Lent. But, whatever. We’re painting eggs here. If you want to take Easter that seriously, put down the paintbrush and go to church.