Padma Lakshmi’s ‘Taste the Nation’ Will Premiere on Hulu in June

Lakshmi says that the show is about “what connects us as Americans and as human beings.”

Last summer, Hulu first teased the news about a new TV series hosted by Padma Lakshmi, which the streaming service described as “a living cookbook made up more from people and culture than recipes.” Beyond a general overview, not many details were available about the project—until now. On March 6, a press release revealed that the series, called Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi, will be launching June 19, 2020.

Taste The Nation is a show about what connects us as Americans and as human beings,” Lakshmi wrote in an Instagram post on Friday. “It’s a project I’ve spent years developing. We traveled across the country visiting indigenous and immigrant communities to find out what American food is today. The process was incredibly emotional and rewarding, a journey I will never forget. “⁣

In an accompanying video, Lakshmi says she “can’t believe it’s finally happening” and that she’s excited for fans to watch. She also shared that they’ll be visiting 10 different cities over the course of the show—the first season is divided into 10 half-hour episodes, so presumably, each will be dedicated to a different destination. We also know that each episode will begin with a single dish, from family recipes passed down through generations to a popular street food, and Lakshmi explores that dish’s roots in the community—as well as how the community has evolved through that cuisine.

Taste the Nation Padma Lakshmi Hulu
Dominic Valente/Hulu

“From indigenous communities to recent immigrant arrivals, Padma breaks bread with Americans across the nation to uncover the roots and relationship between our food, our humanity, and our history—ultimately revealing stories that challenge notions of identity, belonging, and what it means to be American,” the announcement reads.

Lakshmi also returns to TV for season 17 of Top Chef, which premieres on Bravo March 19. The All Star season features 15 chefs who have previously appeared on the show, all competing for the largest cash prize in Top Chef history—$250,000, in addition to a spot at the annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen and a feature in the magazine. You can also expect to see several guest stars throughout the season, including Randall Park and Ali Wong, chef Dario Cecchini, and Food & Wine Editor-in-Chief Hunter Lewis. Stay tuned for our recaps once the season begins.

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