By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 14, 2014
Bourbon-Glazed Turkey with Pearl Onion Giblet Gravy

In an unexpected series of events, a major truck accident will end up providing some of California’s most in-need residents with an awesome Thanksgiving.

It began on Wednesday morning when the driver of a truck carrying nearly 30,000 pounds of frozen Butterball turkeys misjudged a turn, flipping his vehicle on its side and sending the semi’s precious Thanksgiving cargo onto the road.

But what made for a horrible commute on Northern California’s I-580 interchange will make for a great holiday season for the area’s hungry and homeless. Since stores aren’t allowed to sell food that’s been spilled on the road, all those birds will go to local food banks and shelters.

"This is a fantastic windfall as our Food Bank heads into one of the busiest times of year," Michael Altfest, a spokesman for the Alameda County Food Bank in Oakland, told NBC Bay Area. "Receiving this volume of meat protein is rare for us any time of year—and a donation like this simply couldn’t come at a better time. This is going to add a significant helping of holiday joy to thousands of households throughout our community.”

Despite being trapped in the overturned truck, both the driver and co-driver were fine, with the driver only suffering minor injuries. And though eating road food might seem gross, don’t worry: the turkeys never left their packaging, making them perfectly edible.

So in the end, this sounds like a story where everyone wins. Except maybe for Butterball. But hey, you can’t buy publicity like that. You can only find it spilled on the side of the road.