The Brewers Association says over one quarter of beer makers have adopted the seal.

brewer's association
Credit: Courtesy of Brewers Association

Last month, the craft beer trade group the Brewers Association introduced a new logo for its members to put on their packaging to identify themselves as officially being “certified independent craft.” The biggest question in the wake of that announcement was will breweries actually use it? Less than a month later, we have our answer: Yes, a lot of them will.

This week, the BA announced that its new craft brewer seal “has momentum” – to the tune of “more than 1,250 brewing companies,” approximately a quarter of all American craft brewers, having signed the agreement to use the artwork on their packaging. More impressively, that 25 percent account for about half of all craft beer sold in the US, a sign that many of the largest craft brewers are already on board.

“Since the launch, we’ve seen examples of the seal on everything from brewery bottle and can art to six-pack holders and more,” Julia Herz, the BA’s Craft Beer Program Director, wrote in a posting online. “Breweries who are more taproom focused are also confirming the value and have shared examples of the seal showcased at the front entrance on taprooms and breweries along with the seal appearing in brewery marketing materials.”

Now that we know plenty of craft breweries are using the seal, the resulting question is why have 75 percent of craft breweries not yet adopted it? According to Herz, the biggest reason is simply the physical issues of dealing with labeling. “There are many breweries who are interested, but have a lot of existing packaging,” she told us via email. “It will take time for them to run through existing cans, bottles, labels, etc. before updating.”

Still, the BA also admitted that it wants to make sure this labeling momentum not only continues, but reaches a level of critical mass. The group said that if after a while a good amount of breweries are still not using the seal, it plans to reassess the situation. But less than a month in, being able to find the seal on half of all craft beer seems like a good start.