By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 10, 2015

Your current oven is an idiot. Does it even know what food you put in there? Probably not.

The June Intelligent Oven claims that, not only will it know what you put in; it will also automatically set the time and temperature to cook it. The oven’s “Food ID” technology allows it to identify what you’re cooking, weigh it and then monitor the internal temperature to make sure it cooks perfectly. For those not yet ready to cede the kitchen to their computer overlords, June’s smartphone app will send you push notifications so you can adjust the oven as necessary and even lets you live stream the whole process via a built-in HD camera (because who wants to watch cookies baking in standard definition?)

Additionally, June says the oven “continually calculates the power needed to maintain a constant temperature. Food cooks faster while using less energy than traditional ovens. And a core temperature probe alerts you the moment your food is cooked to perfection.” If you’re sleeping, I can only assume June will wake you up with your favorite light jazz when it’s time to eat.

It all might sound too good to be true, but if you’re looking for a reason not to be skeptical, here it is: Unlike other miracle products of the future we’ve been hearing about, the June oven isn’t being launched via a Kickstarter. As Consumerist reports, the company behind it “has actual investors.” The Wall Street Journal even got a chance to test one out and called the innovations “spectacular” thanks in part to June’s June’s technological pedigree. “Nikhil Bhogal, who serves as CTO, designed the camera software used on the first five generations of the iPhone, and is listed as an inventor on many of Apple’s camera software patents. Members of the June team have worked on the iPhone, the Apple Watch, GoPro cameras and Fitbit fitness trackers.”

They are, however, taking pre-orders. From now until July 10th, you can reserve a June oven for just $1,495 with delivery projected for early next year. So unfortunately you won’t be cooking your Thanksgiving turkey in it.