From electric grills to infrared fryers, great gear for the great outdoors.

Great Grilling Equipment
Fuego 02 Grill

Courtesy of Fuego

Electric Grills

Companies are introducing powerful new models for rooftops, balconies and other places where cooking over an open fire might be risky or illegal.

Fuego 02

(Photo, left) An incredibly space-efficient, good-looking design. Built-in cutting boards with storage underneath turn the Fuego into a kitchen island. $1,800;

Power Chef

For the tech-minded. A keypad lets you preset grilling times for favorite recipes; an alert chimes when food is ready to flip or is finished. $800;

Viking Gravity Feed Grill

Courtesy of Viking

Charcoal Smokers

These easy-to-use machines let anyone cook meat in the low-and-slow style, beloved by pit masters for making large amounts of Southern-style barbecue.

Viking Gravity Feed

(Photo, left) “Gravity Feed” means that as coals burn off, fresh coals fall down automatically. The extra-large size is mammoth. From $2,800;

Weber Smokey Mountain

(Photo, top right) A built-in thermometer improves temperature control; a new, oversize 22-inch model holds two large turkeys. From $299;

Tec G-Sport Infrared Cooker

Courtesy of TEC Infrared Grills

Infrared Cookers

Infrared technology sounds scary, but it’s a safe way to cook with radiant heat that is faster and more convenient than a traditional open-flame burner.

Tec G-Sport

(Photo, left) For the space-challenged. Even at 70 pounds, it’s small enough to move around and can be set down on any surface. $1,699;

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