Yes, you read that right.

Outback Steakhouse Illuminati rumors
Credit: Diane Macdonald / Contributor / Getty Images

Over the weekend, a single tweet exploded into rumors that one very unexpected restaurant is controlling Americans through a mysterious organization known as the Illuminati: Outback Steakhouse.

You’ll have heard of the Illuminati through the extensive conspiracy theories that Beyonce and Jay-Z are members of the organization, a secret society founded in 1776 in Bavaria. These days the Illuminati claims—and there is absolutely zero evidence that such an organization even exists, despite their very official looking website—to be a group of world leaders, celebrities, and artists, that have come together to “further the prosperity of the human species.”

Yeah, sounds pretty far-fetched. Even more unlikely? That the Australian-ish steak chain is part of a grand conspiracy perpetrated by the as-yet-unverified group to control the world (wouldn't they go with Olive Garden? People love Olive Garden). But once the Internet grabs a hold of a notion, even one as outlandish as this, it’s hard to get it to let go.

The fervor began when a Twitter user connected the locations of Outback Steakhouses Arizona, Georgia, and Illinois, as well as several other states, to creating a star shape, otherwise known as a pentagram (admittedly, a strange coincidence). The shape has some associations with witchcraft, although it has its origins in ancient Greece. But even the appearance of the pentagram set Twitter ablaze with suggestions of Satanic worship.

To get to the bottom of the rumors, the Daily Dot went straight to the source, asking Outback Steakhouse to either confirm or deny conspiracy theories that the restaurant is a front for Satanic cult or a meeting place for the Illumnati. Do they have plans to take over the world with a giant Bloomin’ Onion?

“No plans, other than to bring bold steaks and Bloomin’ Onions to our guests!” the chain said in a statement, which does precisely nothing to clear up rumors they’re members of a shadowy league of villainous steak enthusiasts bent on world domination. Either that, or this is just a really, really great marketing campaign. Lets hope—for the sake of humanity—that it’s the latter.