By Carey Jones
Updated February 11, 2016
Credit: © Aubrie Pick

There are meat-stuffed sandwiches… and then there are meat-stuffed sandwiches where even the condiments are made of meat. At Café 605 in Austin, the “Smokehouse Melt” would be good enough with just its smoked short rib — but when you add beef fat mayonnaise, things crazy.

If we’re going to get super technical (and we should, we take mayonnaise seriously around here), every mayo is an emulsion of fats, which makes it so very delicious and creamy. Usually it’s made of oil and egg yolks, but why not get some meat involved? “We make many fat mayos here,” says chef Frank Mnuk; “We save all of our animal fats and always turn them into something delicious.”

The bread: Café 605 bakes up sourdough in-house.

The filling: Short rib that’s prepared sous-vide and then smoked for a few hours — plus caramelized onion, aged cheddar, and the all-important beefy mayo. The whole beast is put on a Panini press and served warm. “Making the bread, meat, and mayo in house adds that extra level of flavor,” says chef Mnuk.