Credit: © Mahdees Mahjoob / Alamy Stock Photo

Sometime in the past decade or so April Fools' Day went from being a day for boring people to have fun to a day for boring multinational corporations to have fun. Google usually leads the way, though their 2016 prank has been deemed such an utter failure that they pulled the plug on it. But that doesn't mean these focus group-tested attempts at levity aren't funny. This year has seen a few food-themed shenanigans that we think are worth noting. Our favorite? CornHub.


If this one doesn't strike you as funny immediately, that's probably because you're a decent person who doesn't spend a lot of time looking at people having sex on the Internet. But we must admit turning Pornhub, one of the most popular porn sites in the world, into an entire page of explicit content about corn is shucking hilarious. We won't even link to this one. Just Google it if you dare.

Honorable Mentions:

OpenTable Taste

The restaurant reservation app launched lickable photos to allow users to "experience restaurants before they get there."

Burger King France - Single French Fries

The French outpost of the fast food chain put out the above ad touting individually wrapped fries, with care and attention to detail being put into each and every detail. Très bien, France. Très bien.