Coolest New Tool

Fed up with basters that spatter scalding liquids, we found a better option: the Cuisipro dual baster. A nozzle gently sprays juices; a pointy one injects flavor right into meat ($12;

Most Coveted New Ingredient

(Tastes great on pizza) Truffle salt from FungusAmongUs is far more fragrant than truffle oil. We love the company’s rich porcini salt too (both $17 for 3.5 oz;

Cookbook Rave

Happy in the Kitchen. Chef Michel Richard’s clever use of plastic wrap (for poaching fish and shaping sausages) is one reason we’re inspired by his book ($45).

Fastest-Disappearing Food of the Month

Cocoa Nuts—fancy cocoa-dusted almonds and hazelnuts with a crisp candy coating ($15 for 7.2 oz;


Grocery Cafe Blood Orange Olive Oil $13; 215-922-5252 (Easiest party dip we can make) Whisk this bright, citrusy oil with jarred mayonnaise and chopped fresh tarragon to make an unbelievably tasty vegetable dip.