Otterbox just launched its own line of stemless drinkware.
Credit: Courtesy of Otterbox

We’ve all broken a wine glass now and then—it’s a hazard that comes with the territory when gesturing wildly at dinner, washing dishes, or stacking your stemware in the cupboard. And similarly, it’s not uncommon to have, at one point or another, chipped, cracked, or outright shattered the screen on your smartphone. Until now, these materially akin yet contextually disparate problems required different solutions. But Otterbox has changed all that, as the same company you go to for nearly indestructible and waterproof phone cases is also in the wine glass business.

This week, Otterbox launched its line of Elevation Wine Tumblers, a collection of colorful drinkware that's ideal for camping, tailgating, or other outdoor events where things might get festive enough to pop the cork on a bottle of wine. The ten-ounce (that's two standard pours) stemless tumblers are made from 100-percent stainless steel with powder-coating on the outside and contain a copper lining inside, which can maintain the wine’s temperature for hours according to claims made on the Otterbox website. They’re also “sweat-resistant,” so they won’t leave rings of condensation when you set them down.

The tumblers are available in five colors—Ice Cap White, Frozen Shimmer Blue, Coastal Chill Blue, Lavender Chill Purple, Silver Panther Black—and, like most Otterbox products, seem to be super durable in a whole host of extreme conditions. The Elevation Wine Tumblers are available on the Otterbox online store for $19.99 each.

Wine isn’t the only beverage Otterbox has tackled. The company also makes tumblers and growlers for coffee or tea or whatever else you might be drinking on the go or in the wild (there’s even a French press lid available), as well as hard- and soft-sided coolers and dry bags for keeping your food fresh and (excess) moisture-free. With the addition of these wine tumblers, it's officially time for some extreme picnicking.