By Alex Vallis
Updated February 25, 2014
Ice Cream Pops Rolled in Popcorn and Crushed Candy
| Credit: © Line Klein

You want to eat lots of candy for a stretchy-pants-casual Oscar party, but mismatched bowls of peanut M&M's and Swedish fish don't feel festive enough. We've got this. Here are five concession-stand-ready recipes that won't undo the lazy Sunday vibe on March 2. Share your dream #snackhacks on Twitter and Instagram for the chance to be featured next.

Ice Cream Pops Rolled in Popcorn and Crushed Candy. Scoop balls of your favorite ice cream (Best Actress nom Amy Adams loves strawberry-cheesecake flavor), roll them in crushed popcorn and candy, spear with lollipop sticks (or smooth chopsticks, or plastic forks) and refreeze. These can be made ahead.

Chocolate-Covered Cornflakes Clusters. Last time you checked, AMC theaters didn't stock breakfast cereal. But this chocolaty recipe yields a Nestlé Crunch effect with just two ingredients.

Hot Dog Bites. Wrap dogs in puff pastry*, bake, then slice. Bonus: Full-size tube steaks are easier to source and less emasculating than traditional mini wieners. (*Crescent Rolls count.)

Chocolate Chip–Pretzel Bars. Step 1. Identify the BFF with the best brownie or congo bar recipe. Step 2. Convince him or her to add pretzels.

Mini Soda Floats. Borrow some wedding caterer flair, and serve ice cream shots topped with soda and ___ (fill in the blank with your favorite well spirits).