They were spotted in the wild in Rhode Island.
waffle oreos
Credit: Courtesy of Teresa Wang / EyeEm / Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

We can’t say we didn’t see Waffle and Syrup Oreos coming. I mean, Oreo’s been on a roll with the wacky flavors lately. Coconut, salted caramel...even “Fireworks Oreos” with popping candy inside.

They even recently launched the My Oreo Creation Contest, which allows fans of the sandwich cookie to submit flavor ideas for a chance win $500,000 (just post your idea on Instagram or Twitter and tag it with #MyOreoCreation and #Contest).

Besides, “breakfast for dinner” has been around forever. Why not dessert for breakfast? Or...breakfast for dessert? (We’re still figuring this one out.)

Anyway, word on the street—or, as is actually the case, Instagram user @_thejunkfoodaisle’s account—is that the cookies aren’t just on their way; they’re already here. They’ve been sighted in Rhode Island by an apparent amateur snacking sleuth named Brian, who sent them over to @_thejunkfoodaisle for further detective work.

“Limited Edition Waffles & Syrup Oreo! Found at: Shaw's,” their caption alongside a photo of the exciting new flavor reads. “Word is these may be exclusive to Albertsons owned stores, but let us know where you find them! Huge Thanks to Brian in Rhode Island for sending in a photo.”

While we’re waiting for a final confirmation on whether or not we can all expect to try these guys anytime soon, or whether they even exist at all, we’ll be munching away on those Pop Rocks Oreos that landed on our desks last week. In an apparent marketing move geared toward Fourth of July, the brand has added popping candies into the filling, which don’t actually pop as soon as you bite into the cookie, but after you’ve been chewing for a while, they begin to fizzle. Our staff decided they were somewhere between “utterly delightful” and “”

Let us know if you see these new Waffle and Syrup Oreos out there in the real world!