Oreo's work is never done.
oreo thins bites fudge dipped
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Do any cookie brands work as hard as Oreo does? The king of creme-filling always seems to be unleashing a barrage of new flavors and variations. Just last week, we covered a new Oreo Cookie Club Subscription Box with the company promising a monthly dump of new product innovations, essentially tossing off ideas like mixtapes between proper albums. And now, barely three weeks into 2018, Oreo already has a couple more new products finding their way into the hands of diehard cookie addicts.

In 2015, Oreo first released “Oreo Thins”—literally thinner and somewhat less caloric takes on the classic cookie. The experiment apparently went well for the brand because over the ensuing years we’ve seen the release of a number of different flavor varieties. Now, Oreo has a completely new spin on the Thin: Oreo Thins Bites. These smaller, bite-size thins come in four varieties, three of which are “Fudge Dipped.” Though news of this new product was originally leaked back in October, Oreo Thin Bites, Oreo Thin Bites Fudge Dipped Original, Oreo Thin Bites Fudge Dipped Mint, and Oreo Thin Bites Fudge Dipped Coconut have only just hit stores recently.

And speaking of bite-size Oreo thingies, if you’ve been to Arby’s recently (and who hasn’t?!), you may have also come across another new Oreo-inspired dessert at that fast food institution. “Oreo-inspired” would be the proper adjective because these new “Oreo Bites” (as they are confusingly called) do not take the form of a cookie. Instead, as Arby’s explains it, they are “Chocolate doughnut bites baked with Oreo wafer pieces, filled with Oreo crème and dusted with Oreo sugar blend. If those words in that order doesn’t say delicious to you, let us try two more. Served. Warm.” These limited-time treats started rolling out at the roast beef joint right around the start of the new year.

The larger takeaway: If you’ve been wishing Oreo made more bite-size offerings, well, 2018 has started out as quite the year for you!