Oreo's Next Flavor Is Snickerdoodle

Oreo revealed the new flavor in a string of secretly coded Twitter posts.

OREO Snickerdoodle
Photo: Courtesy of OREO

Oreo has released so many limited edition flavors we've all lost track. Seriously. Have you been to the "List of Oreo varieties" Wikipedia page? It looks like the bullet-pointed manifesto of a deranged cookie killer. As of this writing, the article features 172 bullet points. Some Wikipedia admin is staring at it right now, tears pouring down his face, praying for a clean up!

Things have gotten so out of hand that even Oreo seems to be tacitly admitting that simply announcing a new flavor has lost its luster like so many pre-gender-reveal-party phone calls. So today, the brand unveiled its latest variety on Twitter in a secret code: "Want to know the next OREO Cookie flavor?" the brand tweeted. "Read the first word of our last 8 tweets." The results: "Our Next OREO Cookie Flavor Is Snicker Doodle." "(Who knows what other desperate cries for help Oreo has been hiding in the first words of its tweets all these years?)

But yes, getting into the holiday spirit, Oreo has revealed that its next limited-edition release will be Oreo Snickerdoodle — a brand new variety based off the classic cinnamon-coated cookie that will be hitting shelves nationwide on October 17. "The cookies feature a snickerdoodle flavored basecake and cinnamon flavor creme with green and red sugar crystals," the official description reads.

But the social media blitz was not yet complete — because it's 2022 and a thing isn't a thing anymore until it has a dance. And so Oreo also shared a "fun dance video" to TikTok in an effort to bring snickerdoodle cookies "into the modern era." Along those lines, the post proclaims, "Not your grandma's snickerdoodle cookie."

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