Spoiler alert: We guessed it.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 03, 2019

If you're still waiting for your forensic analysis to come back from the lab, I have some bad news for you: The 12-week puzzle has been solved: The 2019 Mystery Oreo flavor is churro, just as we guessed it meaning we're two for two in this whole Mystery Oreo guessing thing. Never say we aren't pros.

Yes, Oreo turned to social media today to announce that Churro Oreos were this year's mystery flavor, originally launched back in September. This is the second time Oreo has had one of these Mystery Oreo promotions where customers are asked to guess the flavor of otherwise regular-looking black-and-white Oreo sandwich cookies—and then submit their answer for a chance to win $50,000. Back in 2017, Oreo fans were tasked will guessing the identity of the much more specific Fruity Pebbles Oreos. Apparently, Nabisco didn't feel like dealing with any co-branding in 2019.

Credit: MANDEL NGAN/Getty Images

Though Oreo doesn't disclose how many entries got the answer right (since we got it right, we assume there were others—or at least people smart enough to submit our answer), a spokesperson did tell us that the brand "received all kinds of flavor guesses from hundreds of thousands of detectives" and that "we can say that we had a large volume of consumer participation." They also mentioned that "the winner of the Mystery OREO sweepstakes has been notified directly and will receive a cash prize valued at $50,000." (No, it wasn't us, sadly.) Meanwhile, the consolation prize for the non-winners is that Mystery Oreos have now removed their disguise and can be bought in stores in clearly labeled Churro Oreo packages.

And for the record, if you were worried that your taste buds might be broken, Oreo explained that other popular guesses included things like funnel cake, graham cracker, and gingerbread.

Now, the only remaining mystery is whether Oreo will try this Mystery Oreo stunt a third time. Granted, two sweepstakes is a small sample size, but if the trend continues, our next chance to do some guessing will take place in the fall of 2021. Maybe pencil it in on your calendar.