From Oreo spread to cookies and cream M&M's.
mystery flavored oreo contest
Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

'Tis almost the season for hot cocoa. And Oreo may have found a way to elevate your liquid chocolate game this holiday season, with an instant-mix beverage flavored like your fave chocolate-and-creme cookie. That's right: Oreo may just be releasing its own hot cocoa mix.

The mix was spotted at Walmart by the blogger behind The Impulsive Buy, who snapped a photo of the blue box as it sat on the store's shelf. (It doesn't seem that Oreo has confirmed the release of what could be the season's hottest chocolate beverage just yet, however.)

If the Oreo-flavored hot cocoa comes to pass, it will just be the latest in a long string of Oreo treats released in recent months. Here's a look at some of its interesting innovations:

1. Oreos for breakfast? Oh, yeah. This spring, the iconic cookie company released its Waffles and Syrup Oreo flavor, so that you can stop hiding your morning cookie-noshing habit.

2. Speaking of breakfast, Oreo O's, the breakfast cereal you loved as a child, is back. The cereal was pulled from shelves in 2007, but Oreo released it again this spring. All you need is milk.

3. When it comes to desserts, Dominique Ansel is king. So if the pastry chef teams up with Oreo, you know it's going to be good. He did this summer, creating an Oreo cookie spread as part of the cookie company's #MyOreoCreation contest. Customers could purchase the spread for two days only at Ansel's Soho bakery. Here's hoping it makes it onto the menu.

4. Why eat an Oreo cookie when you can eat Oreo cookie dough? The Cookie Dough Café teamed up with Oreo to create the dough, which you actually don't have to bake at all. You can eat it safely straight from the jar.

5. Okay, so this isn't exactly an Oreo creation, but the similarities between Oreo cookies and M&M's new Cookies & Screeem candies are too similar to not mention in this list. You can grab a bag of these black-and-white M&M's in time for Halloween.