Credit: © J&J Snack Foods Corp.

Churros – that delicious staple of any Disneyland diet – might not seem like a food ripe for innovation, but soon you might see an Oreo twist on the classic Spanish dessert.

J&J Snack Foods isn’t a household name, but their products are: SuperPretzels, Icees and Luigi’s Real Italian Ice are just a few of the brands made by the company. They’re also “the leading churro manufacturer,” at least according to their own press release. Well, someone in the churro department must have had his job on the line, because the company decided to team up with the world’s top selling cookie brand to create the newly released Oreo Churro.

This new “snacking mashup” features “a crispy exterior, warm soft interior and real OREO cookie pieces in every bite.” They can also be served with an “OREO cookie crème dip” because – come on – you’re already eating a stick of fried dough filled with cookie pieces, why not live just a little bit more?

Where exactly these crazy cookie sticks will be sold is not entirely known. J&J works with a wide variety of foodservice and retail supermarket outlets. But a good place to start looking is anywhere non-authentic Spanish food is found.