Oreo Just Opened Its First Café

The Oreo Café is serving up frozen treats, cookie merch, and a secret menu item.

For Oreo, being the most famous cookie on the globe has never seemed to be enough: Beyond its signature taste and milk dipping abilities, the brand also has a reputation for its never-ending stream of promotional campaigns: releasing an encyclopedia's worth of limited-edition flavors, teaming up with everyone from Lady Gaga to the NBA, and trying out gimmicks small and large — like a tiny Oreo record player and an Oreo doomsday vault.

Oreo Café employee with ice cream cone
Courtesy of Oreo

Apparently, however, there's one thing Oreo has yet to try in its 109-year history: Opening its own café. But today, check that off the list.

Oreo has opened what's it's calling its "first-ever café" — simply called the Oreo Café — "a new, immersive and personalized way for all fans and cookie lovers to experience Oreo in person!" Admittedly, it's not quite the picturesque café you'd expect to find in the streets of Paris; instead, it's located on the third floor of the It'Sugar store in the American Dream complex at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Oreo Café
Courtesy of Oreo

As such, the results are part merch shop — with plenty of shelves featuring all sorts of Oreo cookie varieties alongside other Oreo gear and goodies — and part quick-service joint serving up made-to-order Oreo treats. For its part, Oreo bills the latter as "a first-of-its-kind treats bar, where visitors can customize sweets or pick from a delicious menu of decadent Oreo inspired desserts."

Specifically, the menu is broken down into three sections. The "Oreo Desserts" are Oreo spins on three classics: a cheesecake, a waffle sundae, and a brownie sundae. The "Drinks" include an Oreo-accentuated smoothie and cold brew alongside basics like coffee and tea. But the star of the show is the "Twist Your Oreo" option which allows customers to start with a base of either waffle, ice cream sandwich, cone, or milkshake and then top it off with a long list of Oreo-inspired toppings.

Oreo Café beverages
Courtesy of Oreo

And Oreo says that's not all: They've also announced a secret menu item for those in the know that people wandering in off the streets won't see… the Oreo Donut S'Morewich. (Tell them I sent you… if only just to confuse them!)

It all adds up to more Oreo than most people can probably handle — which is what you'd expect from the world's first Oreo Café. But if it is too intense for your sugar tooth to handle — or simply can't make it to East Rutherford — all is not lost. Oreo says you can still buy the merchandise at itsugar.com and oreo.com.

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