It's happening sooner than you might think.
Credit: Abby Hocking

Anytime you tear open a bag of Oreos—regardless of which of the brand’s never-ending varieties you choose—you know you’re about to partake in a guilty pleasure. But though you might still feel guilty about your dietary choices, Oreo wants to help you feel a little less guilty about where the cocoa used to make those cookies came from.

Mondelez, the global food giant behind Oreos, has promised that by the end of the month, all of the cocoa supplied for Oreo cookies will come from farmers associated with the brand’s Cocoa Life scheme, a program focused on supporting sustainable cocoa production and the welfare of the people behind it. Eventually, the company hopes to source all cocoa across its entire product range from these sustainable farmers, but for now, Mondelez sees Oreo as a big step forward.

“To bring the iconic Oreo brand under Cocoa Life is a special moment for us as we continue to expand the program and move closer to our target of empowering 200,000 farmers and reaching one million people in cocoa-growing communities by 2022,” Glenn Caton, president, Northern Europe at Mondelēz International, said in a statement. “Through Cocoa Life, we want to become an accountable partner for our cocoa farmers, not just a buyer. Cocoa Life truly transforms communities by delivering real and measurable improvements for cocoa farmers.”

Not that customers necessarily need any indication that their Oreos are using sustainable cocoa if the move is set to encompass the entire brand, but Mondelez says packages will reflect the change with the addition of the Cocoa Life logo. “Independent assessments show that we are having a genuine impact and seeing the Cocoa Life logo on the front of packs will give consumers the confidence that whenever they buy an Oreo product they are making a real difference to people’s lives,” Caton added.

Update—March 30, 2018: A Mondelez International representative has reached out to clarify that the sustainable cocoa sourcing will only apply to the European market at this time. We have asked for further clarification as to how much of and if/when the U.S. market will be affected.