A Shop That Only Sells Orange Wine Just Opened in NYC

The highly specific new store is touted as "the first and only wine store in the world dedicated exclusively to orange wines."

Orange Glou Wine Shop
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In recent years, orange wine—wine made with white grapes that have contact with their skins during production—has emerged as a trendy alternative to the usual red versus white debate in a similar vein to rosé. And whether you're personally turned onto orange wine or not, here's a sign that at least one wine professional thinks the trend has staying power: A permanent store dedicated exclusively to orange wine is opening in Manhattan.

Beyond her credentials as an orange wine expert and natural wine sommelier who's worked at places like the Michelin-starred restaurants Aska and Aldea, Doreen Winkler has also proven that orange wine in itself can be a viable business venture. In 2019, she launched Orange Glou—billed as "the world's first orange wine club." The new Orange Glou store takes that general concept—a curated selection of the best orange wines from around the world—and simply puts it into a brick-and-mortar location where people can make purchases as their leisure. (That said, the store will also serve as a bit of a hub for the subscription service where people can not only sign up to join, but also pick up their monthly three- or six-bottle allocation.)

"For years I've seen and personally fueled the growth of consumer interest in orange wines," Winkler explained to Food & Wine via email. "To match this growing demand, more and more producers have been getting into the orange wine game, creating more variety and helping to expand the reach of this style of wine. I have seen through my own subscription service, and in the industry overall, that orange wine has moved well beyond a trend and carved out its own established, sought-after, and rapidly growing place in the wine world. I love orange wines and wanted to give people a destination to learn about, taste, and buy all the wonderful bottles they would otherwise not find—this was a no-brainer for me."

As for its selection, the store promises around 100 different orange wines, both still and sparkling pet-nats, "ranging from pale gold to deep amber hues, light and crisp to rich and complex." And all of the wines will be "natural, organic or biodynamic and made by independent small production winemakers." Pricing will range from $19 to $99 per bottle, with large format bottles starting at $49. And orange wine isn't the only trend Winkler is on top of: Her store will also sell canned wine starting at $9 a pop.

Already in the know about orange wines? The announcement specifies, "Producer highlights include sought-after Radikon, Gravner, Movia, Matassa, Partida Creus, Maria & Sepp Muster, along with favorites Lammidia, Christian Binner, Cantina Giardino, Yetti and the Kokonut, Terpin, Podere Pradarolo, Werlitsch and wines from emerging wine regions like Eastern Europe with Strekov (Slovakia), Keltis (Slovenia), Porta Bohemica and Dluhe Grefty (Czech Rep.), relatively new wineries such as Kamara Estate (Greece) and Craven (South Africa), and US producers like Donkey and Goat (CA), Los Pilares (CA), Bloomer Creek (NY), Southold Farm and Cellar (TX) and more."

The store—which "will also have a small area for intimate tastings and private events up to 20 people"—opens today at 264 Broome Street (at Allen Street) in New York City's Lower East Side. For more info, head to the Orange Glou website.

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