The fondant design is made from over 500 individual pieces.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated May 13, 2019
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optical illusion cake
Credit: Courtesy of Incredible Cuisine

This cake is as delightful for your eyes as it is for your taste buds. Using five hundred thirty pieces of fondant, this cake recreates the famous Ouchi Illusion, where a circle of black and white rectangles in the middle of a rectangular background of black and white rectangles appears to move left and right, up and down, and even get deeper and shallower. The illusion appears more intense if you keep your focus on the inner circle and move your head, and it can sometimes feel like you're peering into another dimension of infinite cake.Incredible Cuisine's short video of the making of this cake is pretty satisfying to watch:

It's perfect if you like your cake to be a baffling experience. The Ouchi Illusion, invented by Japanese artist Hajime Ouchi, works based on the random horizontal and vertical jitters of your eyes. Actually, if you want to make an optical illusion cake of your own, you should totally check out the rest of Ouchi's body of work. Black and white circular designs that play around with your vision are kind of his thing. Plus, his designs are copyright-free, so you can really have a field day with them (assuming you've got enough black and white fondant to spare). Go ahead and make Ouchi-inspired cookies, cupcakes, latte art, and post away to dazzle/infuriate your Instagram followers.

black and white optical illusion cake close up
Credit: Courtesy of Incredible Cuisine

Incredible Cuisine is a custom cake company based in Geneva, Switzerland that specializes in making eye-catching cake art. If you're a fan of this cake, you may also enjoy Incredible Cuisine's other works, which include Pokémon cupcakes, cake sculptures of all kinds of animals, and cakes of beloved cartoon characters. We especially like this cupcake-ed out tribute to the artist Keith Haring and this adorable unicorn cake accented with gold. For more, you can follow Incredible Cuisine at their Facebook and Instagram accounts.