Earlier this week, the self help guru and part owner of Weight Watchers applied to trademark an expansive line of O-approved foods.

By Gillie Houston
Updated May 24, 2017
© Taylor Hill/Getty Images

On Oprah's path to world domination she has conquered the realms of television, magazines, books, and even Starbucks. Now, the media mogul is setting out to rule the food world. As the New York Daily News reported earlier this week, she has applied to trademark her very own line of O-approved foods.

The trademark paperwork, which was filed on May 19th, outlines a wide variety of products that would come under the umbrella of her new culinary empire—appropriately named Oprah's Kitchen. It doesn't seem like any food product is off the table, as the application includes a long list of potential branded items, including: Oprah bacon, processed and preserved foods, water, meat, dairy, fish, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, sorbet, spices, juices, dairy, fruit leather, lemonade, energy drinks, baked beans, pickles, cut flowers, caviar and even her very own beer.

The talk show queen's move into the food space isn't a complete surprise. Rumors of an Oprah Organic line including "salad dressings, sauces, soups, dips, frozen vegetables, and beverages," have been around for years. And just last October, O invested $43 million dollars in diet brand Weight Watchers—and subsequently lost $27 million on her 10 percent purchase, according to CNN Money.

Perhaps she's chasing her losses. After all, Queen O is a trusted source for inspiration to her millions of devoted fans, and they just might shell out the big bucks to have her name all over their pantry. "Oprah developed an incredible amount of good will through her show (and) my expectation is that she will use that good will to expand her brand," trademark law expert Catherine Farrelly says.

As for how many Weight Watchers point will be in a can of Oprah beer of slab of Oprah bacon, that's to be determined.