Oprah's Soups and Side Dishes Hit Stores This Fall

The television icon's 'O, That's Good!' food line features refrigerated meals like broccoli cheddar soup and cauliflower mashed potatoes.

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Photo: Courtesy of Mealtime Stories, LLC

Back in January, Oprah Winfrey announced that she would be partnering up with Kraft Heinz to create the new company Mealtime Stories, a venture that will include a line of refrigerated and ready-to-eat meals that are designed to make "nutritious products more accessible to everyone."

Today, the line, which will be called O, That's Good!, officially got a launch date—and the company also gave the public a peek into what they might expect to see from Oprah at the grocery store.

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Courtesy of Mealtime Stories, LLC

She's on your television and newsstands, and now she can be in your kitchen too. Yes, Oprah, arguably the most famous television host on the planet, released her own line of soups and side dishes this year. The Food & Wine staff tried the entire line, in case you're curious if you'll love them as much as you love Oprah.

O, That's Good! Three Cheese Pasta Side with Butternut Squash, $5 on amazon.com

Courtesy of Mealtime Stories, LLC Courtesy of Mealtime Stories, LLC

The first products in the O, That's Good! line will be a series of sides dishes and soups that don't use any artificial dyes or flavors, which the company says will have a "nutritious twist." The mashed potatoes, for instance, are made in part with cauliflower, while the broccoli cheddar soup replaces some of the cheese with butternut squash. So far there are only eight items in the line, including two pastas, garlic mashed potatoes, tomato soup and baked potato soup.

"It all started with the idea for the cauliflower mashed potatoes—the twist is really what sparked this whole idea," Winfrey said, according to USA Today. I was sitting at my table in my own home and had whipped up some cauliflower, trying to make myself think I was eating mashed potatoes, but it was not working. So I thought, 'What if I used a portion of the mashed potatoes and added the cauliflower?"

The sides and soups will hit grocery store shelves in October of this year, beginning with an ad campaign starring none other than Oprah herself. She's no stranger to urging her fans to embrace a healthier lifestyle; Oprah has been a spokesperson for Weight Watchers since 2015. With her own television station called OWN and magazine to her name, you've probably been watching and reading all-things Oprah for years. Now you can put her name in your refrigerator, too.

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