Credit: © Kansas City Star / Getty Images

It’s been nearly a year since Whole Foods announced that they’d be launching a smaller, laid back and – most newsworthy – “value”-driven version of Whole Foods that was shortly thereafter given the very un-Google-friendly name “365.” Throughout the rest of year, the upscale grocery brand continued to leak details about 365, including the locations of its first stores and even the bizarre hook that these stores could include tattoo parlors.

Well, the whole story is out and the very first location in Silver Lake will not be your go-to spot for permanently inking your love for “MOM” on your arm. This morning Whole Foods finally provided the details surrounding this first 365 spot.

On May 25, 365 by Whole Foods Market (as it is officially billed) will open its inaugural store in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. The announced “Friends of 365” (the in-store partners that included speculation of a potential tattoo parlor) have been announced as well and include by CHOLE. – a New York City-based vegan restaurant – as well as a craft brew bar from Allegro Coffee Company (a brand any Whole Foods shopper will be familiar with) and a self-serve kiosk from teaBOT – a tech-savvy quick-service tea startup that we reported on back in July. However, there is nary a tattoo parlor in sight.

Outside of the extras in the new store, what else should 365 shoppers get excited about? Though 365 was originally reported on as a value version of the pricey market, cheaper deals are only mentioned in passing as part of this latest press release. “The Silver Lake Los Angeles location will also feature hand-picked product selections from Whole Foods Market’s 365 Everyday Value brand products as well as select local and branded products,” the company states towards the end of its press release.

Interestingly, one sentence earlier in the release, Whole Foods pitches what appears to be one of 365’s bigger priorities: “365 by Whole Foods Market also selected sustainable casual goods purveyor Loomstate to custom design employee apparel for the new store model. Loomstate was chosen for its contemporary looks, sustainable practices and commitment to organic products.”

Could a focus on employee apparel mean 365s are more about style than substance. I guess we’ll find out on May 25.