The "Let's Raise the Glass" campaign lets restaurants donate a portion of wine sales to ongoing recovery efforts.

opentable napa valley donations
Credit: Panoramic Images / Getty Images

OpenTable is the world's biggest online restaurant reservation provider, but today, it announced that it would start reserving funds for a new, restaurant-related cause. In collaboration with a group of prominent restaurateurs, the national "Let's Raise the Glass" campaign is an effort to help support the hundreds of thousands of people hit by the wildfires in Napa and Sonoma County last month.

The effort began when Charleston Grill Sommelier Rick Rubel and General Manager Mickey Bakst wanted to donate a portion of the proceeds from every glass or bottle of California wine sold—an idea that quickly expanded by several orders of magnitude. Joined by names like Daniel Boulud, Sean Brock, Suzanne Goin and Danny Meyer, participating restaurants will donate a portion of wine sales to Sonoma Resilience Fund and Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund.

OpenTable will spread awareness for the campaign by promoting it to millions of diners via its far-reaching service, and encourages restaurants to participate and sign up at the official Raise the Glass Website. The site will also help diners locate Let's Raise the Glass participating restaurants near them, as well as donate directly to the efforts.

"Restaurants are integral to the fabric of every community and play a unique role in bringing people together in times of joy and crisis," says OpenTable Senior Vice President of Marketing Scott Jampol, on what he hopes the restaurant, chef and industry member coalition can achieve. With over 6,800 structures destroyed, at least 23 lives lost and over 100,000 people displaced from their homes in Sonoma County alone, they'll need as many raised glasses as they can get. Because when you consider how some vineyards kept working even as the fires were still going on, deciding to donate a portion of your wine cost to helping the Sonoma and Napa regrow is a pretty easy call.