Though the job is a bit more involved than just eating Margherita pies.


If you’ve ever dreamed of making money for eating pizza, Ooni—a brand that specializes in transportable outdoor pizza ovens—has an opportunity for you. The company is looking for “pizza taste testers,” and anyone with any level of experience anywhere in the world is encouraged to apply. The only major catch is that you have to cook all those pizzas yourself.

Ooni’s recent open call appears to be a broad attempt to promote the brand, get customer feedback, and continue to evolve the company. Ooni says they’re hiring multiple people for roles that “will be a unique mix of recipe development, product testing and brand ambassadorship.” As they explain on the application, “Maybe you’re a chef, a food stylist, a pizzaiolo, or simply a super passionate home cook. You’ll be helping us develop and test recipes using our awesome wood-fired pizza ovens, as well as testing and providing feedback on new products, plus showcasing Ooni to the world through your social media accounts and at live events.”

Ooni then adds, “Experience making pizza dough and cooking pizza will be a huge advantage for candidates, but most importantly you must have an enthusiasm for cooking and sharing food with your nearest and dearest.”

According to Thrillist, pay scales for this freelance position start at $300 a day for those on the novice end of the spectrum, but applicants with more experience can potentially earn up to $1,000 per day (reportedly with a commitment of working at least two days per month). The perks don’t stop there, either: Testers also get a complimentary oven to work with, and Ooni will reimburse them for all of their ingredients.

“We feel that keeping the day rate open to a range of rates will ensure that we’ll attract the full breadth of people who cook their own pizza at home, from novices through to professional pizzaioli,” Ooni's co-founder Darina Garland told the site. “What we fundamentally care about is seeing people’s passion for pizza!”

Ooni is accepting application until October 14—no resume necessary: The company simply requests a video no longer than a minute “detailing why you’d be great for this role and showing us your epic pizza skills.” All the details can be found here.