Put down the Wonder Bread.

Cardiologist recommended bread
Credit: Daniel Day / Getty Images

Gluten shows up – in some variation – in all the best foods: Doughnuts, pizza, beer, and of course bread, a staple in almost everyone’s kitchen. But now one cardiologist is here to tell you that your favorite gluten-based foods are actually toxic – and that there’s only one truly healthy bread out there.

Dr. Steven Gundry reinforces what many people have being hearing for a while now: That sensitivity to gluten is real, even in people who don’t have celiac. Gundry says that people should avoid it to reduce their risk of inflammation that might lead to weight gain.

Dr. Gundry is a crusader against lectins – a plant-based protein, which can cause damage to your stomach and intestines – of which gluten is just one variety. He says that if you must eat bread, if should be Barely Bread.

The name really says it all: It contains almond flour, almond butter, and coconut oil – and absolutely no grains, soy or yeast.

Last week, a study revealed that many gluten-free products are actually more likely to lead to obesity than say, their whole wheat, counterparts because they contain more saturated fat and less protein than foods that do contain gluten. The biggest offenders were gluten-free flours, biscuits, breads, and pastas.

To be fair, Barely Bread does contain 3 grams of protein per slice – the same as a slice of whole wheat bread – meaning that if you are trying to avoid gluten, this bread substitute does have comparable nutritional value.

Still, if you’re skeptical of Dr. Gundry’s recommendation, you might be in the right: Earlier this month, the British Medical Journal revealed that people who don’t have celiac that eat a gluten-free diet aren’t actually reducing their risk of heart disease at all. In fact, cutting out whole grains altogether could put them at greater risk for heart problems.

Barely Bread is inarguably good for you, so there’s no harm in trying it out. Just remember to consult your own doctor before you decide to stop eating grains altogether.