It's part of a growing line of edibles in the Bay State.
Credit: Creative-Family / Getty Images

Medical marijuana became legal in Massachusetts this past December, which means it took someone a full six months to turn one of the state’s most popular bar foods into a potent edible. Maybe everyone was just too busy to cook. But now, according to the Boston Herald, Ermont Inc., a Quincy dispensary, is out with a frozen bar pizza hopped up with a 125 milligram dose of THC distallate. Ermont CEO Jack Hudson told the Herald that, “the combination of a food as popular as pizza with the medicinal benefits of marijuana represents an important milestone” in the company’s edibles plan.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time someone has come out with pot pizza. Way back in 2014 Stoned Oven Gourmet Medibles (a company named at a time when it was vital to pack as many marijuana puns as possible into your branding) started selling medicated pizzas in California. But according to Ermont, the pizzas it’s selling are unique—which is to say they are a unique style of pie.

Bar pizzas are popular, personal-sized pizzas primarily from the South Shore area outside of Boston. They usually have a thin, crisp crust, covered to the edge with a thick layer of melty cheese. Ermont’s chose to infuse THC into the pizza's sauce, which director of operations Seth Yaffe said makes “a really good, consistent pizza in terms, not only of flavor, but…a consistent dose.” The pizzas currently run $38 for patients approved to receive medical marijuana and the Herald said that Ermont is working on a medicated peach cobbler and a jalapeño cornbread as well.

Like marijuana itself, edibles are starting to gain wider acceptance and are even getting developed by chefs like James Beard Award winner Mindy Segal, who developed a line of sweets with Cresco Labs in Illinois.

The Boston-area pizzas do create a snake-eating-its-tail situation, however. You eat pizza, you get stoned and you want to eat more pizza. Then what the hell are you supposed to do?