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Omaha Butcher Services
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Omaha Steaks is disrupting the butchery space with a brand-new feature that will match you with the meat you want.

Launched today, the company's new "Butcher Service" offers customers their own personal butcher, who will help connect them with the best meats and cuts for their home-cooking needs. Omaha Steaks has a team of over 100 master butchers on call to handcraft steaks and more cuts after personal phone consultations.

And then, later in the week, the custom meat order is delivered to the customer's home, ready to cook. Don't know how to cook it? They'll help you with that, too. Throughout the process, the master butchers can advise on preparation, pairings, storage, and more meat logistics to guide you through it all.

Over the past few years, many online services have popped up to connect consumers around the country with high-end meat from the comfort of their own homes–with these meat websites being a few of the most popular. But Omaha Steaks' new feature is distinct in that it offers personalized guidance throughout the process, from ordering to preparation. And we feel there's a bit of romance in that matchmaking process, rather than just making an online order.

"This only-of-its-kind bespoke feature offers limitless options – you desire it, they deliver it," reads a statement from Omaha Steaks. "The Omaha Steaks team of more than 100 master butchers are standing by to handcraft steaks, roasts and more, alongside their specially trained Steak Experts who are available to assist customers in determining the perfect order and processing to the customer's exact specifications."

Services include cutting steaks to custom thickness, fulfilling large custom orders for events, trimming and deboning, and tying whole roasts.

Now that everything from shaving cream to bed linens has been streamlined by technology, it makes perfect sense that there's now a custom service for finding and cooking the steak you're most compatible with.

You can call 1-800-984-7455 or have a "steak expert" contact you by filling out this form.