Behold the wonders of the Olympics-adjacent Gangneung Central Market.
The Today Show & David Chang
Credit: Courtesy of NBC News’ TODAY

PyeongChang isn't just the place where the world's greatest athletes are competing in the 2018 Olympics—it's the location of what The Today Show's team of hosts have discovered is one the world's greatest Korean food markets.

Gangneung Central Market is close enough to the Olympics for the Today team to head down in a recent segment, and while exploring an unfamiliar, bustling food market is certainly one way to experience things, they were fortunate enough to get some guidance from NBC Sports' official Olympics Food Correspondent, David Chang.

First, they take in how much there is to offer at the market, which they call "a cornucopia of Korean goodness." Chang wows the host with the size of some massive Asian pears, which he says his mom would always peel. Then, Chang shares some Dok, a kind of Korean rice cake that can be used in both savory soups and stews, or chewy, sweet deserts.

Next, they check out the source of one of the longest lines in the market: a stand making Hotteok, a hot Korean pancake that can be stuffed with a brown sugar syrup or a cheese filling. Chang highlights both a stamp-like tool used specifically for the dish, which presses the pancake into its shape, as well as the masterful use of scissors to slice them up for serving. An efficient way of cutting without needing a cutting board, Chang says scissors are often seen in Korea and throughout Asia, but aren't very common in America.

They try it in a cup with some added ice cream, because, why wouldn't you? And while back at the stadium, Al Roker still seems a bit overwhelmed, mentioning the "buckets of anchovies swimming around," but it's clear the people cooking up the Gangneung Central Market's daily delights are as skilled at their crafts as anyone in the stadium.