He's also the first man from Team USA to win a medal in singles luge.

The evening before Olympic luger Chris Mazdzer was set to compete in the men’s singles event last night, he decided take part in a much more commonplace activity: eating pizza. Little did he know later that evening, he would be making history. For the time being, he was just sitting in his the Olympic Village cafeteria, goofing around with his friends. After all, even the best athletes on the planet need to take a moment to relax before taking part in some of the toughest competitions, against the fiercest competitors, they’ll ever face.

Lauren Gibbs, a member of the women’s bobsled team, captured Mazdzer chowing down on what he calls his “last supper” before the competition. He’s holding a slice of pizza on a paper plate, which he vows to “take down,” and lifting the pizza above his head, his elegantly slides the entire slice into his mouth. In the background, Gibbs can be heard exclaiming, “You’re a savage,” which is the only appropriate response to watching someone devour an entire slice in just one bite.

Thank god for the fortifying effects of pizza, because he would go on to become the first man in the history of the U.S. to medal in the singles luge—he took home the silver. Mazdzer may not have known he was about to become a legendary figure in sports as he was cramming that pizza down his throat, but it’s comforting to know even the best among us can still act silly sometimes.

In an Instagram post recounting the historic event, Mazdzer wrote that “I wasn’t nervous, I was just ready,” and that “I knew I could do it.” Mazdzer’s historic luge run marks the beginning of an epic Olympic games for Team USA, which clearly has some talented athletes competing this year. Yes, Mazdzer is an awe-inspiring luger, but he’s also extremely good at eating pizza, an underrated but still just as inspiring talent for which he deserves at least some credit, if not a medal.