McDonald's, Fries
Credit: ©Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg/Getty Images

People generally portray the Olympic Games as the pinnacle of human physical achievement. Athletes single-mindedly dedicate themselves to their pursuits, hardening their bodies and their minds for years as they prepare for intense competition on the international stage that lasts sometimes for mere seconds. Oh yeah, and they also like McFlurries.

McDonald’s opened its doors in the Olympic village in Rio and from the looks of things they can’t reheat enough Big Macs to keep up with demand.

The presence of a McDonald’s is nothing new at the Olympics. It has been an official sponsor of the Games since 1976 in Montreal and in 1968 “airlifted” burgers to athletes who complained of homesickness in Grenoble. In 2012 Mickey D’s was reportedly the only company allowed to sell fries at London’s Olympic park, which left some fans of fish and chips a bit miffed.

But as America has moved towards more health conscious eating, the saturation of McDonald’s (as well as another big sponsor, Coca Cola) at the Olympics has struck some as ironic and others as completely inappropriate. And the idea of the world’s fittest people stuffing their faces with fast food does cause a bit of cognitive dissonance.

Apparently no one told the athletes though.

Lines at the Rio McDonald’s are massive. It probably doesn’t hurt that McDonald’s gives all the nuggets and fries to the athletes for free, but come on guys, act like you’ve seen the golden arches before.

Have a look at the nations of the world gathering in shared love of value meals.