Here’s What Olympic Athletes Are Eating at the Games

Athletes and officials are taking to social media, snapping photos of their Olympic food experience.

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Team U.S.A. and other Olympic athletes may have spent the last four years preparing for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games, but the last several weeks leading up to opening ceremonies are arguably the most important. Not to mention, their most public. The nearly 4,000 athletes and team officials from around the world have found themselves incredibly busy and increasingly in the spotlight, from travel and practice to fittings and interviews. Despite all the controlled chaos, making a trip halfway around the world would be a bit of a waste if the athletes didn’t take a little time to explore the region and enjoy themselves. There’s also the simple fact that every athlete needs to eat, regardless of how busy their pre-Olympics schedules are. So what do South Korea and the Olympic Parks have to offer? And what has everyone been eating at (and on their way to) PyeongChang? Here’s a glimpse at the 2018 Winter Olympics food experience.

If you were wondering what the U.S. Olympic hockey team has been eating, Katie Couric posted a rather (lively) video of one of their latest meals featuring seafood and noodles.

Two Olympic nutritionists took to Twitter to share how they transformed their village medhub into a (healthy) snack shack for Team USA’s athletes. It feels safe to assume that everyone will be staying on-diet to stay focused until their event is over.

While members of the U.S. men’s and women’s curling team showed their love for Cheetos last month, they chowed down on some sushi before their big trip. Team members made a stop in Japan before Pyeonchang, fueling up with a rather colorful spread.

Members of France’s Olympic team snapped a photo while enjoying a meal courtesy of the Olympic village food hall. Open 24 hours, the main dining halls feature grill stations (serving fish, beef, pork, chicken, and fresh vegetables), a pizza and pasta bar, a coffee and bakery, deli and salad bar, among other options. Members of Team Belgium also got a shot of a team meal in the dining halls, where halal and kosher options are available.

Former U.S. women’s hockey team member AJ Mleczko gave a tour of one morning’s breakfast buffet offerings at the Olympic Village facility. Athletes have access to everything from waffles, bacon, and eggs to buckwheat crepes, grilled salmon and corn chowder.

The official Instagram account for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games shared a cute, cookie treat inspired by the official mascots of the 2018 games. They also posted a photo of a cool creamy treat you can find near the Gangneung Park area of the Olympic facilities.

U.S. speed skater Joey Mantia sat down with fellow athletes and enjoyed a plate of noodles straight from the Olympic village dining hall.

A member of U.S.A.’s men’s curling team stayed busy on Twitter while enjoying some Japanese Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate.

Members of Team U.S.A. might be halfway around the world, but they celebrated Super Bowl Sunday together with all the traditional party snacks. That includes glass bottled sodas from the Olympics drink sponsor Coke.

Most Olympic athletes spend their time on the go, which means they need a lunch that moves with them. Members of Team U.S.A. participating in the women’s snowboard slopestyle finals recently had packed lunches, including a Caesar salad and turkey pesto sandwich, to fuel up between runs.

Fruity desserts and pasta salads are a few of the dishes on the menu at PyeongChang in the Olympic facilities' various dining halls.

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