By Noah Kaufman
Updated September 08, 2014
Credit: iStockphoto

The Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Bowljust got never-ending-er. After trying to push smaller portions just this summer, the restaurant has gone back to its breadsticks and butter. Today at 3 p.m., Olive Garden will give 1000 lucky purchasers the opportunity to buy a Never Ending Pasta Pass for $100. Said pass will give its holder unlimited pasta, breadsticks, salad and soda for seven weeks. And because it would be too sad to eat all-you-can-eat pasta alone, the pass also entitles any guests of the pass-holder to free soda.

We did a little math and have calculated that pass holders will have to eat at Olive Garden an average of 1.4 times per week to beat the price of the already bonkers-cheap $9.99 N-E Pasta Bowl. This won't sound like a lot until you've hit your 18th bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo. Very hungry carb lovers and those who believe the obesity epidemic is a conspiracy can buy the pasta pass on the Olive Garden website, although once the restaurant sells out, fans will still be able to “engage on Olive Garden’s social channels” for the chance to win a free pass. So get the passes while you can and to paraphrase another one of those great pillars of Italian-American culture Al Capone, eat early, eat often.