By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 11, 2015
Credit: iStockphoto

People have not felt like family much at Olive Garden lately. Slumping sales, angry investors, a serious problem with not salting their pasta water—the OG’s struggles have really piled up. But today, they chose to capitalize on the most famous item on their menu: unlimited breadsticks.

During an interview with Wall Street Week, Jeff Smith, head of the hedge fund trying to reshape the Olive Garden, announced that the chain will be turning their breadsticks into—wait for it—breadstick sandwiches. Confirmed in a tweet from Olive Garden today, breadstick sandwiches will come in either chicken parm or meatball and will feature an extra large version of the breadsticks you ate 17 of before your high school soccer games. Available June 1, the sandwich has already sparked quite a bit of excitement on social media with the general consensus being that people would, in the words of one tweeter, “eat the hell out of a meatball breadstick sandwich.”

We don’t know if this will save Olive Garden or not, but this is a country that buys a million Doritos Locos Tacos every day. So anything is possible.