But you have to complete an online scavenger hunt. 
Credit: iStockphoto

If you love pasta and hate restrictions on quantities of pasta, we imagine you tried to purchase one of Olive Garden's famous Never Ending Pasta Passes, which went on sale in August. Unfortunately, the Italian-evoking restaurant chain only sells a limited quantity, which means that the passes usually sell out in under a second. (Truly.)

This year, Olive Garden sold 1,000 annual passes for $300 (meaning unlimited pasta for an entire year) and 23,000 regular passes for $100, which grant pass-holders about a month of unlimited pasta starting September 24. If you weren't able to grab a pass but you wanted to, there's hope for you yet: Olive Garden has created a digital scavenger hunt, at the end of which they'll be giving away ten of the annual (!) pasta passes.

"In honor of the fifth anniversary of Pasta Pass, we are launching a digital scavenger hunt for our biggest fans to find 10 additional Annual Pasta Passes across social media," reads the special website outlining the rules, which are a bit difficult to understand, so we're just going to copy and paste the whole thing below:

"Here’s the deal: each one of the riddles, puzzles and ciphers below uncovers the name of a Twitter profile, an Instagram handle, or a Facebook group. If you’re the first person to solve that puzzle, and send a direct message to that profile or post in the Facebook group with the secret phrase “Pasta Pass Please”, you’re the winner! But once a pass has been claimed, that’s it! There’s one clue per profile, and only one Annual Pasta Pass per profile, so you’d better hurry. We will do our best to give live updates when clues have been solved and their Pasta Passes have been claimed."

We don't really understand? But we suppose that's the point of riddles.

Good luck, all.