By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 26, 2015
Credit: iStockphoto

All right, Olive Garden, we get it—you like breadsticks. Not two weeks since the chain announced they will roll out breadstick sandwiches in June, they doubled down with breadstick crostini. That means the world teeters just one breadstick bread pudding away from eating an entirely breadstick meal. And it could just be a matter of time until that comes to pass. Executive chef Jim Nuetzi told the AP that since Olive Garden’s breadstick sandwich announcement, plenty of other suggestions for new breadstick dishes came pouring in. What accounts for the renewed interest in the breadstick? According to Olive Garden’s executive vice president for marketing, “the flavor profile of the breadstick is powerful.” What exactly the flavor profile of a breadstick is, we still don’t know.

The crostini will launch in August, at which point the breadstick portion of the Olive Garden menu will presumably rival a young adult novel in length.

Jokes aside, breadsticks will always be the most enduring part of the Olive Garden experience, and everyone seems determined to keep it that way. The reign of the breadstick is coming soon. Now there’s nothing to do but throw back a breadstick cup full of sangria and wait.