On Dec. 6, "Olivia Garton" will become the first baby (on record) to be named after an Italian-American restaurant chain
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Most of us can agree that Olive Garden's pillowy, garlic-infused breadsticks and unlimited soup promotions are delightful, but who among us loves the chain so much as to name a baby after it?

Meet Justin and Jordan Garton, a couple who recently announced that their very first child, a baby girl due on December 6, will be called "Olivia Garton," inspired by the restaurant they love so dearly.

As Jordan is a third generation Italian-American, they wanted to honor her heritage, and based on their research, they found Olivia to be a beautiful name with Italian origins. Only after they chose the name did they realize their daughter's name would sound almost identical to "Olive Garden" ... and they were very pleased to make this discovery.

"When we first said it out loud together, it was so beautiful, and we both knew at that moment that was the right name for her," Jordan tells Food and Wine. "We didn't directly name her after Olive Garden, but I can say there was an intentional connection. As we went through a few more names, we considered 'Olive.' We both got a kick out of the pun 'Olive Garton,' given our history with the restaurant, but we wanted it to be a bit more subtle. Kids can be cruel, if you know what I mean, and Olivia rolled off the tongue a bit better with her middle name: Michelle."

Here's how the couple's intense relationship with Olive Garden began: A few years back, the couple purchased Never Ending Pasta Passes, and for six weeks, they ate Olive Garden almost every day. "At the time, we could barely afford groceries, so that initial investment in the pass helped us get by," Jordan says. "Since we were there every day, we became friends with the staff and that made that period of time for us very memorable." Since, the OG has become a go-to date spot. Jordan gets the Ravioli di Portobello, and Justin "almost exclusively" gets the Braised Beef and Tortellini.

The couple plans to celebrate at Olive Garden as soon as Olivia makes her appearance.

"Baby Olivia's due date is December 6, so more than likely mommy will be needing some Olive Garden in her tummy shortly afterwards," says Jordan. "Olivia will probably be at the restaurant several times before she is even eating solid foods."