Old Bay and Goldfish Finally Teamed Up So You Don't Have to Season the Crackers Yourself

The limited-time-only snack follows the success of Goldfish Frank's RedHot last summer.

Over the years, Goldfish crackers have become a childhood staple — and why shouldn't they be? Beyond the fun fish shape, they're also the perfect size for tiny hands and come in kid-friendly flavors like cheddar and plain. But the little fishies were originally intended to serve alongside cocktails, according to Fast Company, with even Julia Child having a reputation for serving them alongside her reverse martinis.

But recently, Goldfish has seemingly been making a push to capture back some of that adult audience. In January, the brand launched larger Goldfish Mega Bites, "designed specifically to fit adult palates and larger hands," according to the brand. And now, they're back with a variety of their classic crackers that appear aimed at adult tastes: Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish.

Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish
Courtesy of Goldfish

Launching this month as a limited-edition summer snack, Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish are an official collaboration between the beloved Baltimore-based seasoning brand and the Pepperidge Farm snack line.

The combo works for plenty of reasons — and not just because Old Bay and fish are already a classic duo. First, the companies claim that fans have been sprinkling Old Bay on their Goldfish crackers for years, so they're simply giving customers what many already want. Additionally, Old Bay owner McCormick had success with a similar partnership last year when Goldfish collaborated with another of the spice giant's brands: Frank's RedHot. After launching last April, Goldfish Frank's RedHot Crackers became "the fastest selling cracker launch of Summer 2021."

"Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish harnesses the fandom of two iconic brands and brings consumers a new way to experience their favorite zesty flavor on their beloved fish-shaped cracker, just in time for summer," Janda Lukin — chief marketing officer of Campbells Snacks, the parent company of Pepperidge Farm — stated in the announcement.

The new crackers will be available nationwide wherever Goldfish crackers are sold.

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