By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated March 28, 2016
© Thomas Trutschel / Photothek via Getty Images

We all remember the saga of Pizza Rat, the unwitting rodent celebrity who was caught dragging a slice of pizza down a flight of subway station stairs in New York City last year. Pizza Rat became so famous it even spawned a computer game, and turned into a cultural icon referenced on everything from Saturday Night Live to Halloween costumes. And in the wake of Pizza Rat's fame and glory came a wave of competing animals/food collaborations, including Bagel Pigeon, Milkshake Squirrel and Doughnut Raccoon.

But just as New York and Chicago have long duked it out over who's got the superior style of pizza, so too can America's eastern and midwestern metropolises fight over who's got the better furry, pizza-munching masco. Chicago officially has a Pizza Squirrel and, despite my leanings toward my hometown rodent, I gotta say this squirrel is pretty cute. Cuter than a subway rat, anyway. The hungry critter was captured chowing down on a half-eaten slice of pizza while sitting in a tree last week. Though the pizza doesn't appear to be deep dish, which might rub some Windy City citizens the wrong way when it comes to adopting the little guy as a de facto symbol of civic pride. And sure, the moment for small mammals eating people food may have passed, but enjoying pizza, by man or by beast, is truly timeless.