An Ohio Brewery Owner Is Back on an All-Beer Diet—and Raising Money for Charity

For his third annual Lent beer fast, Del Hall is accepting "virtual tips" for local hospitality workers.

Among the most dedicated of beer drinkers, Del Hall is a legend. In 2019, the now co-owner of Ohio's 16 Lots Brewing Company made international headlines by giving up everything but beer for lent—and not only did he survive, he dropped over 40 pounds during his 40-day journey—and apparently felt great in the process. In 2020, Hall decided to keep his Lent "beer diet" tradition going, this time adding a charity component: dropping 50 pounds while also raising over $10,000.

And though the world has changed over the past year, Hall is back again—with new purpose. For his #BeerFast 2021, the Army veteran has decided to use his notoriety to raise money for members of his industry: service workers in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. He's set up "SgtDel's Virtual Tip Jar" on GoFundMe, saying that, this year, he hopes to raise $50,000 to go directly to the staff of bars and restaurants that contact him to participate. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Hall has a number of companies sponsoring his campaign including CAI Insurance, Cincy BeerFest, KN8 Print + Design, Bengal Jim's BTR Tailgate Experience, and Chowdown Cincinnati.

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That said, so far, the weight loss is going better than the fundraising. After 20 days of the 46-day fast that will end on April 4, Hall—who is 6-foot-3 and usually around 290 pounds – has already lost 23.1 pounds—over halfway to his goal of 40 pounds. But his virtual tip jar is currently just at $3,600.

But there's still plenty of time to go. And hopefully, the tips will keep steadily rolling in… just like the beers. "I only have three to five beers a day," he told FOX19 News. "It's not like I'm drinking constantly. If you eat your standard diet, it gets boring, You don't eat the same thing every day. So, I am definitely not going to drink the same thing every day."

And don't worry about his health: Hall recently told The Maine Edge that he consulted his doctor before his first fast. "She said 'You're an idiot if you do this,' but she knows how strong-willed I am," he told the site. "Once she knew I was determined to see this through, she recommended I take multi-vitamins, stay hydrated, and she told me not to do anything stupid." He even said that, during his previous fasts, his blood pressure and cholesterol have improved.

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