By Aly Walansky
Updated April 04, 2016
Credit: © Lauren Paige Magenta

Brooklyn hipsters have another rainbow carbo-loading option to stand in line for, at least if they’re willing to travel to Jersey.

Glaze Artisan Donuts, in New Milford, New Jersey have created a donut inspired by Italian rainbow cookies—not, as many might assume, by Williamsburg viral rainbow bagel. And, in fact, these doughnuts predate (by quite a lot) Brooklyn’s rainbow doughnuts, which were really just piggybacking on the success of those multi-colored bagels

Last year, the daughter of Jule Hazou, owner of Glaze, told her father that he couldn't sell cannoli (his favorite dessert) because he now operates a doughnut shop. He decided not only to make a donut version of a cannoli, but also make a donut version of an Italian Rainbow Cookie (his daughter's favorite dessert). “We created them right around Easter last year and planned on them being just a holiday/seasonal special, but demand was so high he decided to add it permanently to the menu on weekends only,” says Hazou.

The doughnut itself is three colored layers of cake donut. In between the layers, an almond paste and raspberry jelly. It's then topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate sprinkles.

And the creative combos will continue. “We are always doing fun and new ideas. For National Pizza/Donut Month we did a special called the Calzonut. For Purim we did Donutaschen (triangle jelly-filled yeast doughnuts). For Easter we sold a Cadbury Egg Fritter!” says Hazou.

Because the creation process is very time intensive, the rainbow doughnut is only available on weekends right now, and even though they make up to 500 a day, they usually sell out by noon. So, plan ahead and get ready for a line!