'Seinfeld' Fans Can Now Order the Show's Official Coffees

The limited time only beans are available for preorder online starting today, no need to get in a car.

As popular '90s sitcoms go, Seinfeld was not quite as coffee-centric as Friends. The latter's Central Perk coffee shop is ingrained in our memory whereas the name of the diner where Jerry and George spent hours pontificating about nothing isn't as well known. (For the record, it's "Monk's Cafe.") But Seinfeld characters certainly drank coffee in that cafe. And so similar to how Friends has had its fair share of promotional coffee tie-ins, Seinfeld has finally scored coffee beans of its very own. No need to get them in cars with comedians.

Bean Box x Seinfeld Coffee Collection
Courtesy of Bean Box

The Seinfeld Coffee Collection launches today exclusively from the online coffee retailer BeanBox.com and features four different blends inspired by the show's four main characters. Bean Box says their curation team "scoured the nation's best independent roasters to select coffees that embody the complexity and reliable quirks of the iconic characters" for the limited time only collection.

Here's a rundown of the offerings:

Bean Box x Seinfeld Coffee Collection
Courtesy of Bean Box

Jerry's Diner Blend is billed as a "smooth and easy-drinking Brazilian blend, which has notes of brown sugar, roasted almonds, and chocolate."

Kramer's Giddy Up is an Ethiopian blend that looks to harness the character's energy with "notes of mango, papaya, and citrus" for a coffee that's "light and bright for an early morning wake-up call."

George's Serenity Now tries to smooth over the character's "bitter" attitude with a "dark and toasty blend" that also "brings some sweetness with notes of molasses and bittersweet chocolate."

Finally, named after the character's legendary dance moves, Elaine's Little Kicks is described as a "spicy yet sweet Mexican coffee blend [that] brings a kick to your day with notes of cocoa and cinnamon."

The Seinfeld Coffee Collection – which is available for preorder now – can be purchased either as a group of four 1.8-ounce bags for $28 or as individual 12-ounce bags for either $19 or $20 depending on the variety.

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